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GeoVille is a private sector enterprise, founded by Dr. Christian Hoffmann in 1998. The company is registered as a limited liability company (GmbH) under Austrian law.

During its operational period, GeoVille has been able to establish a broad international customer base and successfully participated in more than 350 national, European and international projects.

Our customers stem from private industry sectors, public organisations and research institutes. GeoVille is dedicated to providing a wide range of value added services for remotely sensed data and GIS applications.

  • Land use and land cover mapping
  • Cartography
  • Urban, regional and spatial planning
  • Forestry
  • Environmental monitoring and modelling
  • Visualisation
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Promotion

GeoVille has well established quality and environmental management systems, whose compliance with ISO standards has been certified by Quality Austria - a member of the International Certification Network (IQNet). Further information on our activities in this area can be found in this section.