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Supporting food security assessments
Supporting food security assessments

GeoVille develops Soil Moisture products based on radar satellite data and provides related GIS services to the Early Warning Service of the GMFS Stage III project. More »
Monitoring of agricultural production areas - Madagascar
Determining changes of agricultural production in Madagascar

GeoVille provides products and services supporting the UN-IFAD and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Madagascar to understand occurred land use changes. More »
Monitoring desertification in Africa
Monitoring desertification in Africa

The Global Monitoring of Soil Moisture for Water Hazards Assessment (GMSM) project aims at advancing the use of soil moisture services. More »
Crop mapping and monitoring

The service exploits high resolution radar and optical multispectral satellite imagery and field data to generate maps depicting the acreage of rice cultivation areas and other crop types. More »
CROPSIM - An improved crop management decision tool

The CROPSIM project aims at the provision of innovative information services for crop yield modelling. More »
Satellite based risk insurance indices

Senegal insurance index

GeoVille developed and operationally provides water regime and related vegetation growth indices for risk management based on satellite radar data. More »